venerdì 14 marzo 2014

Outside the window

Another cyberpunk illustration since I am in one of my sci-fi periods.
I am not completelly satisfied with the man's face, he should be a tough guy and looks a bit drunk instead :(
I hope at least the window effect looks good (I'm working on from my laptop lately and I am not totally sure about the colours effect on a real pc).

All made in pencil, ink and digital colours as usual.

6 commenti:

  1. Bello é misterioso al stesso tempo .
    Complimenti .

  2. sembra tratto da un romanzo di Gibson.
    mi piace.

    1. se mi dici che con questo sono riuscita a trasmettere almeno un po' l'atmosfera, allora sono soddisfattissima :)

  3. I like the concept you have for this drawing and well done for the foreshortening. ^_^



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