venerdì 7 novembre 2014


No more pages, but we still go on with the preparatory works for our project. Here there is the steampunk wreck vehicle I told you about.
This is the 'car' designed and created by our Mr K. who, in the meanwhile, has gained a proper name and is, in fact, mr Keppeln now (if you don't know who mr K is, please check the last character of the page here).

So, ladies and gentlemen, behold the magnificence of Keppeln-17 aka K-17 (I guess that the 16 prototipes before that had simply exploded).

The K-17 is a glorious two seats vehicle composed of pieces of this or that device: the driver's seat is an old armchair, the passenger's one is a wicker chair with a nailed belt and a tin-plated footstool. The front wheel is a bike wheel while the rear ones are presumably taken by a wagon. The shafts are pipes. The bodywork is composed of pieces of several devices like boilers' doors and tin-plates. The motor is composed of two big boilers and a complicate system of pipes. The handlebars ends with a control knob at one side and with a tap at the other. The headlight is a gas-lamp and last but not the least, the K-17 has a gorgeous polyphonic horn composed of three small trumpets.

I hope you like it just like Sara did, in fact her comment had been: "what a disgraceful banger!"

About me... well, I'm looking forward to draw our Mr. Keppeln running around the city with this miracle of steampunk engineering.

6 commenti:

  1. è assolutamente fantastico!
    la sigla che lo contraddistingue è quella di un cannone tedesco da 100 mm di calibro, usato nella prima e nella seconda guerra mondiale: la coincidenza mi piace!

    1. pare che parecchie coincidenze ruotino intorno al nome della carretta, speriamo sia di buon auspicio! ;)

  2. Did you paint the background parchment colours? It looks very realistic.

  3. Sadly not, I wish I was able to do such a realistic work but I have to admit that it's just a texture I had in my archive ;)

  4. Ton travail dans l'univers Steampunk est vraiment superbe ma Chère Fed ^^

    Continue comme ça, c'est un réel plaisir pour les yeux !!


    1. Merci Morikun! We are trying to do pur best :D



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