lunedì 28 luglio 2014

The price of a mile

Today it's 100 years since the World War I beginned.
It has been one of the more devasting historical events in Europe and millions and millions of young men was sent to the front and never came back, between them there was my grandpa's elder broder, Gabriele.
Saddly this seems not to have teached anything to our governments, since wars happen every day all around the world.
The illustration is done in pen and digital colour.

The title of this post it's from the Sabaton's song The Price of a Mile, about the WWI.

mercoledì 23 luglio 2014

Skin tone exercise

Lately I am not posting very often, I am sorry, but I have a lot of pages to draw and not time enought to make some complete illustration for the blog.
But today I was very tired of grey scale drawing and I took a day off to do some exercise with colours.
In the last few days I had the fortune to have some pieces of advices by Sara Spano, who is, in my humble opinion, one of the best Italian illustrators (take a look to her portfolio, you will not regret), so I spent my day studing and doing exercises.

This is the result: the exercise was about the light effect on the skin, so all the rest it's a bit rough but I hope you will enjoy all the same. And, to keep an eye always on my project, the character I choose to draw is Marie.

And, for whom is wondering about this, yes I suppose I will be computer screen tanned at the end of summer!

lunedì 14 luglio 2014

Villain time: Herr Moser WIP

As I promised some posts ago, it's time to introduce some villains in our story, so, here there is for you Herr Moser: the main villain in our project. His face, I am afraid, has been stolen from the face of a friend of mine and Sara, a  very big friend and very good comic artist too: Fabrizio 'Pluc' Di Nicola. It's his fault if we had found the strength and the fortitude to start working on this project, so we must reward him with an important role in our story (not to mention the fact he has the perfect Herr Moser look).

So, stop chatting. Here there is Herr Moser drawed and coloured by me and inked by Sara.

Now there is just a couple of character missing.

mercoledì 9 luglio 2014

Pierre's shop WIP

Here there is another study for our project, this time it's up to the toys shop owned by Pierre and his "little" brother Zacharie. I'm not totally sure the illustration is plain, but you can see two rooms: the real shop and the laboratory where Zacharie, Pierre and Marie make their experiments with mechanical engineering.

This one too (as Marie's room) will be digital rough coloured but I don't know when.

Now it's time to come back to my pages. Next time it will be villain's time :)

giovedì 3 luglio 2014

Marie's room wip

Here I am, back from Graspop Metal Meeting. I am very happy about those last days for a bounch of reasons: I had good time with old friends, met new friends, listened too good music and had the chance to meet some of my favourite musiciants, so I can say I am quite satisfied.

But it's time to come back to work now, I spent the whole moring working on some sketches to train my hands and study some set for my project.

Here there is the first study of Marie's bedroom.

I will not ask Sara to ink it because it's just a study, but, as Sara suggested, I will give it a rough (digital) painting just to have an idea of what palette I will use on the final illustrations.

Anyway, here there is the pencil sketch of Marie's bedroom:


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