venerdì 22 giugno 2018

A small favour

At the end of last year I was hosted ad a guest in a fantastic sci-fi graphic novel about time travels and adventures and all those cool stuff written by John Grimes and Cal Palmquist. Now it's finally out. If you are in US you can find it  at the next Florida Super Con and at Yampa Bay Comic Con, in any case you can find more information at the facebook page of the comic or read some sample at

This is the black and white version of my panel:

mercoledì 20 giugno 2018

Dark Embrace fan art

In need for a bit of relax, I drawed a fan art for one of my favourite metal band: Dark Embrace (chek them out here)

By the way, they were so kind to use my little draw as their facebook banner... I'm so proud!

domenica 17 giugno 2018

Madagascar beach

I'm in a desperate need of a holyday.

Reference at

martedì 12 giugno 2018

Sakalava girl

Finally, after a very long time, here I am submitting a character in the Character Design Challenge of this month, themed African tribes, Here there is my Malagasy Sakalava lemur trainer.

giovedì 7 giugno 2018


Mermay is over, but still I don't have enough of mermaid, so I finally completed the sketch I publoshed some weeks ago.

Now I will be back in drawing people with legs.
You cand find it in my patreon page too:

domenica 3 giugno 2018

Dark elf monk

In the end, just like some other artist, I'm on patreon that is a web site and allow artist to ask to be supported by their follower; but I'm not about to left the blog: my arts will go on here all the same, even if some fantasy themed artwork will be shared only in patreon or at list with a priority of some days there. Anyway, if you want to take a look, here there is my page:

And here there is my first post for patreon: a character design for a dark elf monk.

giovedì 31 maggio 2018

sabato 26 maggio 2018

Elf sorceress wip

This is definitely a work in progress time. Here there is the first step of a commission: behold the elf sorceress pencil sketch.

venerdì 25 maggio 2018


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