lunedì 18 dicembre 2017


Possibily in the next days I'll be a bit busy, but I'll try to update the blog regularly all the same.
Here there is what I'm currently working on: the number  of Alfa, a superhero comics by Rodney Laibahas for South East Comics, a new publisher launching next year. Check out their instagam here.

Here a hint of page 03.

venerdì 15 dicembre 2017

Memories from a recording studio

That boooooring moment when your better half is attending post production of his drum track with the sound engeneer and you only have a notebook a pencil and a couch to crash on.

mercoledì 13 dicembre 2017

Random girl student

While familiarizing with my new envitonment, I occasionally wander around totally random. Some days ago, I bumped in a group of pupils from a private school and for a moment it was like beeing surrounded by Slytherin students form a Harry Potter book. 

Later, I sketched one of the girls I saw, and then painted it in digital. Given that currently I don't have a proper scanner, I had to work on a pic, but I'm quite happy with the result all the same.

Here there are the two versions, enjoy!

lunedì 11 dicembre 2017

The Living

As anticipated in this post, lately I worked on a range of illustrations for a zombie RPG that does not mean that RPG is a living dead RPG, but that it's a RPG about living deads and survivors of a zombie apocalypse.
For those who doesn't know, RPG means Role Playing Game and it's that kind of a game in which a story teller tettls a story where the players have to fullfill the role of the chosen character, the success or insucces of every action is due on the result of a die roll.
Dale Easterling created this game with a D20 system, that means that you only need 2 twenty-sided dice and all your fantasy to create your survivor or living-dead character and play.

If you are interested The Living is on sale here where you cane see also a preview with a couple of illustrations of mine.

Here two illustrations to give you the idea of what I'm speaking about:

venerdì 8 dicembre 2017


From the time vortex of the last year, here there is a tribute to the sci-fi graphic novel Phlox, published morse or less one year ago in Italy by Shockdom. It's a pretty good space and love adventure illustrated by Vanessa Cardinali and written by Antonio Silvestri. If you can read in italian it's highly recomended, and you can buy it here.

Here my tribute:

venerdì 1 dicembre 2017

Il Vulcano

Last week I was invited to participate with an illustration of mine at the page Racconti Crestati that is a blog where the writer Riccardo Boccardi shares his very short stories (no more than 500 characters long).
The short stories are in Italian but, whatever language you speak, you are very welcome to  take a look to the blog's gallery where I'm featured among very very good illustrators.

mercoledì 29 novembre 2017


The other day I was at the Aquarium for a visit, and sort of became friend of these little guys.

lunedì 27 novembre 2017

Pencil pages from La Montagne d'Ambre

In nostalgic mood today... proper time to share some old page in pencil version from La Montaigne d'Ambre: my most beloved unpublished work.
What are monsieur Les Rennes and Joel speaking about? Probably we'll never know.


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