venerdì 19 gennaio 2018

Roman lady

A nice Roman Lady enjoying her breakfast, it was one of the drawing I made for the latest Inktober, but I decided to colour it.

martedì 16 gennaio 2018

martedì 2 gennaio 2018

A late happy new year to everyone

I'm not disappeared again, I'm just fighting a huge war against flu.
Here a image of how I celebrated the new year eve.

venerdì 29 dicembre 2017


From my moleskine, drawed almost two years ago, but I preferred not to share at that time, here there is a portrait of Lemmy Kilmister, in crayons and pantone.

mercoledì 27 dicembre 2017

Whale - Underwater

Maybe someone of you remembers that I took part in the latest Inktober. One of my favourite doodle was the whale I draw fro the word Underwater, so I decided to upgrade it to an illustration level.
Here there is my revisited  undewater whale:

lunedì 25 dicembre 2017

Merry Christmas with Saru

In one of the Facebook group I'm a part of, they organized the Secret Stanta. The idea was to re-draw an orignal character created by another member and to give it to him/her as a Christmas gift.
The fate gave me the chance of drawing Saru, the robotic macaco born from the pencil of Andrea Milana:

Happy Holidays to everyone!

mercoledì 20 dicembre 2017

Jaime the pirate

Pencil sketch inspired by a pic of my facebook friend and incredible artist Jamie. Sooner or later I'll make an illustration of it.
And if your are about to ask, no, he wasn't dressed as a pirate in the original pic.

lunedì 18 dicembre 2017


Possibily in the next days I'll be a bit busy, but I'll try to update the blog regularly all the same.
Here there is what I'm currently working on: the number  of Alfa, a superhero comics by Rodney Laibahas for South East Comics, a new publisher launching next year. Check out their instagam here.

Here a hint of page 03.

venerdì 15 dicembre 2017

Memories from a recording studio

That boooooring moment when your better half is attending post production of his drum track with the sound engeneer and you only have a notebook a pencil and a couch to crash on.


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