venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Cretaceous landscape

While working at our dossier, I had some other jobs to take care of. 
Here there is a sample of what Fed has been doing during last months: that's a back-cloth for a life-size statue of a dinosaur and its nest that is exposed in the University Museum in my home town.
The task was pretty hard because I had to work on a file that would be printed on a 6X5 m canvas.
The picture portrays a landscape from Cretaceous with plants and trees, so I had to study a bit of paleonthology to be sure I portrait things that really existed in that period; it was hard but definitely interesting.
The whole illustration have been draw in pencil then digitalized and painted using adobe photoshop, now I'm looking forward to see it printed but I have to wait till December 10th: the roll-out day.

venerdì 7 novembre 2014


No more pages, but we still go on with the preparatory works for our project. Here there is the steampunk wreck vehicle I told you about.
This is the 'car' designed and created by our Mr K. who, in the meanwhile, has gained a proper name and is, in fact, mr Keppeln now (if you don't know who mr K is, please check the last character of the page here).

So, ladies and gentlemen, behold the magnificence of Keppeln-17 aka K-17 (I guess that the 16 prototipes before that had simply exploded).

The K-17 is a glorious two seats vehicle composed of pieces of this or that device: the driver's seat is an old armchair, the passenger's one is a wicker chair with a nailed belt and a tin-plated footstool. The front wheel is a bike wheel while the rear ones are presumably taken by a wagon. The shafts are pipes. The bodywork is composed of pieces of several devices like boilers' doors and tin-plates. The motor is composed of two big boilers and a complicate system of pipes. The handlebars ends with a control knob at one side and with a tap at the other. The headlight is a gas-lamp and last but not the least, the K-17 has a gorgeous polyphonic horn composed of three small trumpets.

I hope you like it just like Sara did, in fact her comment had been: "what a disgraceful banger!"

About me... well, I'm looking forward to draw our Mr. Keppeln running around the city with this miracle of steampunk engineering.

mercoledì 5 novembre 2014

Page 34

Latest update about our dossier: this should be the last coloured page, we will draw another couple of them but they will stay in their pencil version.
This one had been very hard to me because of the copious light-spots in the same big panel in the centre, but I am quite satisfied this time and of course the gorgeous ink-work by Sara Cappoli made the whole page look a lot better than the pencil version as always.
Hope you enjoy, while I can finally come back to my preparatory works for a pure steampunk wreck vehicle to be seen soon (or so I hope) on these pages.

The other pages for the dossier are here, here and here


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