mercoledì 5 novembre 2014

Page 34

Latest update about our dossier: this should be the last coloured page, we will draw another couple of them but they will stay in their pencil version.
This one had been very hard to me because of the copious light-spots in the same big panel in the centre, but I am quite satisfied this time and of course the gorgeous ink-work by Sara Cappoli made the whole page look a lot better than the pencil version as always.
Hope you enjoy, while I can finally come back to my preparatory works for a pure steampunk wreck vehicle to be seen soon (or so I hope) on these pages.

The other pages for the dossier are here, here and here

6 commenti:

  1. bellissima, i miei complimenti!

    1. grazie! spero che tu abbia gradito l'esplosione :)

  2. A very interesting use of greens here ... many different hues for good contrast. I am curious though ... is there a reason his lab has greenish hues. Is it to convey a mad scientist kind of feeling?

  3. well there are plenty of reasons for the green but mainly I choose that colour because I wanted to suggest the idea that the lab is a very differentroom from the corridor and the shop that are all in warm hues like light red and ocher yellow AND yes, because I wanted to create a mad scientist's lab atmosphere even if our Pierre is more ham-fisted than mad ;)



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