lunedì 13 aprile 2015

Greyscale VS Full Colour

Some days ago I was practicing with digital colour, so I tryed some new tecnics: I worked on this portrait in greyscale and then added the colours. I'm not still completely satisfied with the final results but it's a first attempt, so I supposte it's ok.
By the way, which one do you prefer? The Grayscale or the Full Colour version?

venerdì 10 aprile 2015


And there we are with the step by step process for the Girl with a Gun I posted some days ago.
1) as usual the start point is the pencil drawing on common print paper.
2) Cleaning up the illustration: after I scanned it and opened the file with adobe photoshop I start ereasing all the pencil line in excess and all the grey shadows. I'm afraid I forgot to take a screenshot of the final result after the clean up, but you should easily imagine it, it's like the image above but more tidy ;)

3) The flat colour part. It's when I choose what palette I'll use to create the atmosphere I had in my mind while I was designing. I simply fill up the different areas with a colour shade that will be a sort of halfway between the darkest colour I'll use for the shades and the lighter colour I'll use for the birght points.

4) Colouring the lineart. I simply change the colour of the whole lineart making it more similar to the base colour of the area. It's a little detail but the image looks quite different.

5) Volumes time: with a soft brush I try to armonize the lineart with the base flat colour and, while doing it, I try to make the image a bit more tridimensional casting shadows according to the volumes as the figure was under a neutral light source.

6) Shadows. I simply paint the shadows according to the lightsource I chose. I usually paint the shadow with a colour (dark green-brown in this case) to suggest the idea of the kind of light is shining in the picture. After I painted the shadows I set the layer on 'multiply' and low the opacity.

7) Light. Now it's time to add some light spots, I go on using the soft brush and paint with a bright colour the spots where the light goes, I try to be consistent with the different materials (i.e. the light has a different effect on humas skin than on the fabric) but I don't always suceed.

8) Final atmosphere. That's the final part of my work: I simply add some detalis like the wallpaper and give a stronger light.

I hope you enjoyed the work in progess process :)

Disclaimer: I summarised a lot, but I usually work the steps 5, 6 and 7 on an area at time, starting a new area once the previous one is complete but it was simpler to explain this way.

mercoledì 8 aprile 2015


Working on a new illustration which I will share the work in progress of.
This is the first step: pencil on common paper.

Two external inspirations this time: I took the ideas of hat and hairdressing here : while the gun looks a bit like the wonderful steampunk gun Luca made for me some yeras ago.

sabato 4 aprile 2015

Some sketches again

And here there are some sketches again. Characters will come soon, very soon, and pieces of information will come with them, but now it's still time for some background preparatory work.


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