venerdì 22 agosto 2014

About to explode - finished

As I promised to Four Eyed Monster, here there is the painted version of the yesterday's sketch.

Reference: photo number 51

giovedì 21 agosto 2014

About to explode - WIP

A quick sketch just to keep on training, here there is Marie intervening against an abrupt pressure increasing in a steam-machine. I strongly hope she will succeed and survive since we need her for our project.

Sooner or later I will paint this sketch too, even if I am aware I am amassing a huge pile of to-be-painted sketches.

Reference: photo number 51

martedì 12 agosto 2014

Skin tone exercise 2

In Italy it's very hot in this week, so I decided to take a day off from the project, but, since there is no rest for the wicked, I did some graphic art all the same.
Here there is another skin tone exercise.
This time I focused on a different skin tone in the moonlight.

venerdì 8 agosto 2014

Project samples

Working, working, working... at the moment I am drawing the third page (that is, in fact, page number 1, we are working very randomly). Yesterday I painted the first page I drawed (that was page number 32) and now Sara is inking the second page I drawed (that is page number 42 and, at the moment, I think it is my best).

Just to let you know what we are doing (hoping you'll enjoy), here there is some samples from our current pages:

Here there is something from page 32 (the only finished one):

Here there is something from page 42 (Sara is currently working on the ink, so all you can have in this very moment is pencil drawing):

And finally here there is part (almost half indeed) of page 1

And that's all folks, at least that'all so far.
Waiting for your feedback anyway.


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