venerdì 22 agosto 2014

About to explode - finished

As I promised to Four Eyed Monster, here there is the painted version of the yesterday's sketch.

Reference: photo number 51

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  1. bellissima, anche l'effetto nebbia dato dal vapore è perfetto!

  2. Oh wow oh wow oh wow ... this drawing is simply wonderful. I love the concept, colours and execution of the drawing. This is one of your best works yet ... I won't insult you by saying its the best because you have many other great stuff. ^_^

    1. Really? :D I'm very very happy. Thanks FeM!!

    2. Also the eyes is definitely the best I have seen so far ... sorry I keep talking about eyes though. Can't seem to help myself. In all art I am always drawn to the eyes first for some reason. Weird huh? :)

    3. Not so weird: they are not the first things I draw, but I think they are the things I spend more time on. I'm very happy with the result this time, shall insist in that way :D

  3. mi piace troppo la scelta dei colori!!! *_*

  4. Come si dicono gli inglesi , Tremendous ! Complimenti Fed .
    Ciao .



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