venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Cretaceous landscape

While working at our dossier, I had some other jobs to take care of. 
Here there is a sample of what Fed has been doing during last months: that's a back-cloth for a life-size statue of a dinosaur and its nest that is exposed in the University Museum in my home town.
The task was pretty hard because I had to work on a file that would be printed on a 6X5 m canvas.
The picture portrays a landscape from Cretaceous with plants and trees, so I had to study a bit of paleonthology to be sure I portrait things that really existed in that period; it was hard but definitely interesting.
The whole illustration have been draw in pencil then digitalized and painted using adobe photoshop, now I'm looking forward to see it printed but I have to wait till December 10th: the roll-out day.

2 commenti:

  1. bellissimo: un fondale perfetto!

    1. grazie Luca, in realtà a rivederlo dopo tante settimane mi rendo conto che alcune cose ora le farei in modo diverso, ma sono abbastanza soddisfatta lo stesso :)



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