lunedì 28 luglio 2014

The price of a mile

Today it's 100 years since the World War I beginned.
It has been one of the more devasting historical events in Europe and millions and millions of young men was sent to the front and never came back, between them there was my grandpa's elder broder, Gabriele.
Saddly this seems not to have teached anything to our governments, since wars happen every day all around the world.
The illustration is done in pen and digital colour.

The title of this post it's from the Sabaton's song The Price of a Mile, about the WWI.

6 commenti:

  1. Bellissimo é molto realista . Complimenti Fed .

  2. assolutamente splendido!
    nota storica: nella battaglia di Passchendaele, di cui parla la canzone dei Sabaton, combatterono Tolkien, Lewis e, dall'altra parte, Hitler!

    1. Felicissima che ti piaccia :)
      Io sapevo le due informazioni separate ma non ero mai stata in grado di unirle, grazie per la precisazione!

  3. Very nice piece indeed. Simple yet very effective with the nice background for the silhouettes. History always repeats itself ... politicians shouting messages of hate and war but when the fighting starts they are safe while normal civilians and soldiers die.



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