lunedì 10 marzo 2014

Don't mess with'em

Last summer I spent some days with a friend at Wacken Open Air (that is a very huge metal music festival in Germany) and, between a gig and another, I spent most of my time wandering around the stand of the Wasteland Warriors.

It's pretty hard to explain what the Wasteland Warriors is, let's just say that in the festival there was a sort of post-apocalyptic corner all "dressed" with post-apocalyptic vehicles, post-apocalyptic people and tents and wreckage and stuff... (you can take a look to their deviantart page here).

Well, let's face it: I was born in the 80's. How could I be emotionless in front of a post-apocalyptic set?
I have been in my personal paradise!

I took lots of photos (and my friend almost killed me, but that's a different story: she is from the late 80's, she can't understand).

So, since she is a very good friend but a collegue too, I had to excuse my extreme enthusiasm promising her I would use all the photos as an inspiration for some artworks.

Some months passed by, but now here there is the first of my post-apocalyptic artworks.

A few words about the illustration itself: the weapon of the guy on the left was very different in the first sketch I made, now it makes more sense than in the first version thank to my weapon-consultant Luca who suggested to take a look to a UZI to steal some ideas.

I drawed it in pencil and ink and painted with digital colours.

6 commenti:

  1. Another grew work , i love the subject and colors .
    Complimenti .

    1. Grazie Capitano :D

      I am fond of whatever is post-apocalyptic, so I will go on in exploring the subject ;)

  2. te l'ho detto e te lo ripeto: splendido!
    il titolo di "consulente per le armi" mi piace molto!

    1. beh direi che è un titolo guadagnato ampiamente sul campo ;)

  3. Sigh ... metal music ... reminds me of the time when I was a young geeky boy listening to heavy metal music ... a headbanging geek. :)

    1. ah, my dear metalhead brother, I am not such a good headbanger because of my cervical -_-' I am not soooooo young too ;)



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