venerdì 28 marzo 2014


A bit late today, but it was hard and I had had a little time lately.

Just to let you know, this gal has more or less the same face expression I usually have when I wake up in the morning.

 And here there is a black and white version.

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  1. davvero bella!
    il braccio bionico è notevole!

    1. Grazie! mi soni divertita moltissimo a disegnare il braccio, un po' meno a colorarlo ;)

  2. come sempre , a mé piacciono molto i colori .
    A presto ;)

  3. Beautiful colours as always. You are a natural when it comes to colour combinations. =) Do you use a colour wheel?

    To date I prefer your drawing of eyes in 'Don't mess with them', 'She is bored' and 'Chinese Lady'. They look more natural. But please don't get me wrong, I still like this drawing very much. ^_^

  4. First thing first: about colours: thanks :D and no: I don't use a colour wheel I just think about the general atmospheare I would like my illustration to have and then I choose the colours triyng not paint two adjacent zones with two warm colours (as red, violet, orange or pink for example) or two cold colours (blue,green, white...) and trying to alternate dark and light colours. If I don't the whole illustration would be illegible. But I usually have a pretty strong idea of what colours I should use while I am just drawing.

    Then about the eyes: thanks more over! Spending a lot of time working on my drawing, I can not be impartial and detached on the final results. I simply am not able to be that way. So I NEED your opinion to understand on what part I have to work a bit more :)

    1. Your latest drawing 'Doodling on an envelope' has eyes that I like. :)
      Just be sure to take my opinions with a huge pinch of salt because I am not very good at art myself. XD

    2. I saw your drawings and I can say that's not true at all: you are very very good.! >_<



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