martedì 18 marzo 2014


During last days this blog won two awards! WOW! And now I have finally found a spot in my planned posts to give them the place they deserve.
They are the Premio Dardos (thanks Captain Lol) and the Liebster award (thanks Luca), you can see them down on the right of the page.

I am afraid I am not able at all to say how much I am happy about this, I am a sort of chronic not-self- confident person and knowing someone likes my artworks make me feel very very happy.
So, thanks again guys.

Now I should choose my winners but I cannot really choose only 15 between the few blog I constantly read, so I decided to force a bit the prizes rules: you can read all my winners from my blogroll on the right.
You have all great blogs, so if would like to honour me taking the awards you should do a couple of things:

- Make a similar post on your blog choosing 15 blog you want to reward, if you are taking the  Premio Dardos.

And, if you are taking the Liebster award you should:

1) make a similar post chosing 11 blogs to reward.
2) write 11 pieces of information about you
3) answer to 9 questions by whom gave you the award
4) write 9 questions to whom will accept the prize.

So, let's start:


1) I am afraid of statues and clowns.
2) Sometimes my night-dreams are setted during the WW II.
3) Even if I am constantly using some computer programs for my job I am not good at all everything else related to computer stuff.
4) The book of my life is Frank Herbert's "Dune" (or at least the saga's first and second books).
5) I am not a sport enthusiast, but I am a supporter of the Italian national rugby team (even if we lose almost every match), and I am a fan of the Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko and of the US one Jason Brown.
6) In my spare time I like to go for a walk in cemeteries (that is not a macabre habit, I just like the peacefull atmosphere and the pieces of art you can see sometimes).
7) I love most of animals but I hates seagulls and I don't like apes.
8)Sometimes good music can move me to tears.
9) During high school and part of the University years I used to play softball in a local team. I stopped because it was a way too stressing to me.
10) I like movies with a lot of explosions and, possibly, a good plot.
11) I hate playing Pictionary even if drawing and illustrating is mostly my job (or maybe BECAUSE drawing and illustrating is my job).

then my answers to Luca's questions:
  1. I needed to put online my portfolio and I choose a blog, instead of other media, because I love the brainstorm that arises with all the comments thing.
  2. Ideas, good works (art works, modeling works, sewing works... whatever), nice people.
  3. Just finished Jim Butcher's "Cold Day", now reading Roger Zelazny's "The Mask of Loki".
  4. Listening to the music, reading (books and comic books), watching TV series, playing drums, sewing, static modeling (seldom becouse I don't have room enough -_-), cooking and, when I have lot of freetime: traveling and going to concerts and music festivals.
  5. Yep, mostly in all the music related stuff.
  6. "Improvise, adapt and overcome!"
  7. Annibale Barca and Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette.
  8. Bic pen.
  9. Life is... something I really don't understand.

4 commenti:

  1. Congratulation Fed !
    Greetings .

  2. Risposte
    1. ma grazie!! e io che ero preoccupata che avessi da ridire sui miei personaggi storici... :P



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