venerdì 13 giugno 2014

Zacharie WIP

Here there is another character from the project I am working on.
This is Zacharie, Pierre's brother.

As usual, the ink-art is by Sara.

6 commenti:

  1. davvero bello!
    i due fratelli insieme fanno un figurone!

    1. devo provare a disegnali vicini, così si capisce bene anche la sproporzione fra i due :)

  2. Brava ancora un grande lavoro i colori sono molto belli .
    Complimenti .

  3. Very nice ... I especially like the colour combination. ^_^

    He kinda comes across as a hybrid between a 80's glam rockstar ala Bon Jovi when he first started out (because of his hair) and a member of a music group called Village People (because of his mustache). ;)

    1. Thanks, I'm happy you like the colours :D

      And happy you find something in common with Bon Jovi (a little less happy about the Village People similarity but, men, mustache are Village People very much indeed!)
      The real true is I tooke some inspiration from a rock star indeed: Zakk Wylde, the Black Label Society frontman, even if I took some steps far away fron my original model ;)



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