mercoledì 18 giugno 2014

Julien WIP

And here there is our main character: Julien.
Please note that this time Sara had to work even harder this time: she had to draw the legs I didn't draw too. As always a very very good job of my collegue :)

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  1. Eccellente come sempre Fed !
    Tanti saluti .

  2. Very nice colours on a well drawn character. ^_^

    Is there a reason that the drawing and inking process is done by different people. Just curious as I do not know how the industry works.

    1. Thanks :)

      Normally there is not a real reason: somenone specializes in ink-art just like someother specializes in colour-art, so one can choose to made the whole work by himself or ask the help of an ink-artist.

      In this case I and Sara are working together on every part of this project, she is the ink-artist only because she is better than me at inking ;)

    2. Thanks for the information. Sometimes I wish I can turn back the clock and pursue a more artistic career. While I did not have a lot of toys growing up but my most happiest moments as a child were spent with a pencil and paper which I had a lot of. I was pretty bad at drawing but I still loved to draw a lot. ^_^

    3. I know how you feels about drawing, for be it has been the same :) but, even if at the moment drawing is not your profession, you are a very very good illustrator as far as I can see on your blog :)

  3. molto bello!
    complimenti a tutt'e due.



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