martedì 15 aprile 2014

The Haunted House

Everyone has good friends, and usually they are interesting people with interesting hobbies. One friend of mine: Carmelo is a very good writer, an amazing role player and a boardgames creator.
And it have been an honour to me to make an illustration for his last boardgame: The Haunted House that will take part in a competition.

Here there his my modest contribution to his work:

6 commenti:

  1. I have said it before but it bears saying again. You have a wonderful grasp of colour combinations that makes a picture look pleasant. Nice work! ^_^

  2. Che dire di più che bellissimo é molto bene fatto come sempre .
    Bella atmosfera e belli colori .
    Vincenzo .

  3. bellissimo!
    già rende interessante il gioco!

    1. beh, se il gioco dopo il concorso dovesse venir prodotto ci giocheremo prima o poi, perché da quello che ho capito dev'essere molto divertente :)



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