lunedì 11 dicembre 2017

The Living

As anticipated in this post, lately I worked on a range of illustrations for a zombie RPG that does not mean that RPG is a living dead RPG, but that it's a RPG about living deads and survivors of a zombie apocalypse.
For those who doesn't know, RPG means Role Playing Game and it's that kind of a game in which a story teller tettls a story where the players have to fullfill the role of the chosen character, the success or insucces of every action is due on the result of a die roll.
Dale Easterling created this game with a D20 system, that means that you only need 2 twenty-sided dice and all your fantasy to create your survivor or living-dead character and play.

If you are interested The Living is on sale here where you cane see also a preview with a couple of illustrations of mine.

Here two illustrations to give you the idea of what I'm speaking about:

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