venerdì 3 novembre 2017

ROTTENTOWN - Victims of Nothing Cover Art

It's not a mystery how much I do love heavy metal music; so, when Rottentown hired me for the cover artwork of their upcoming EP, I couldn't be more happy and proud. 

Rottentown are a very good Spanish classic metal band, and, if interested, you can listen to their former EP + 1 song from the upcoming one, on their youtube page.

Part of my artwork was released some days ago and you can see it here, the other two parts of the illustration are still top secret at the moment:

By the way the artwork has been printed on t-shirts (weared by the front woman Audrey Lutwidge), if interested you can support the band and buy some merch mailing at

2 commenti:

  1. Congratulations !! ^^

    It's a very experience you can be very proud of indeed !!

    I didn't know Rottentown until now but it's very cool and the voice of the front singer is much more powerful than I expected.


    1. Happy you liked them Mori kun, it was one of the commission I enjoyed more in my life so far :)



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