giovedì 12 novembre 2015

Orphaned Land

The second fan art of my entire life. This time it's up to Orphaned Land a oriental metal band from Israel. More info here.

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    1. grazie mille, per la cronaca, pare che anche loro abbiano apprezzato :)

  2. Really nice job Fed. To be honest that's cover art material. Very cool. ^_^
    I'm curious though, what do you mean by oriental metal band. Do they play oriental music really loud?

    1. Ahahaha, tnaks a lot FEM, some fans asked about the possibility to have a t-shirt with this illustration printed on, and that made me very happy an proud even if I don't think the band print such t-shirts.
      By the way, oriental metal is metal music played partly with usual instruments (as electric guitars, drums, bass guitars...) and partly with traditional folk Middle East instruments like buzuki and mixing classic metal riffs with some arabic music the result is very interesting: it's a bit like a Middle East version of the classic North European folk metal ;)



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