domenica 16 agosto 2015

Portrait of a younger self

Some days ago in a forum for illustrators someone had the idea of drawing ourself as if we were attending an high-school in US. So here there is a sort of self portrait of how I could be if I was at highschool now. 

I don't like to make selfportraits, well... I hate it! But sooner or later I have to get used to, so this is the first of a serie (I hope).

Note: I have some blue hair now, but I think my parents would have killed me if I had had it during high-school.

8 commenti:

  1. Veramente bella, trasmette la tua essenza!

  2. Wow !!

    Very cute indeed ^^


  3. Perfetto come sempre é molto simile . Brava .

  4. Very nice Fed. :)
    All good artists should do a self portrait eventually. One of my favourites is by Norman Rockwell.

    1. I am not good in self portraits, really. I had to ask around if the girl in the picture looked like me, because I can't tell. I guess I need a lot of training!



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