venerdì 30 maggio 2014


Here I go again, we were speaking about characters and here we are, let me introduce you one of the main characters of the project I'm working on at the moment. It's still at the first step, so let me keep a bit of mistery about it.
Anyway I promised to keep you informed and there we are.
This is Pierre: a clumsy inventor in a steampunk world.

Important thing: this is a team work: I made the drawing and the colour art and my collegue Sara (who is working on the script) made the ink work.

Please let me know your feedback.

mercoledì 14 maggio 2014

Lady in green and red

During last weeks I have done some studies on characters for one project I am working on, I was not very satisfied on this one that didn't fit very much with the idea I had, so I rejected it from the project but I coloured it all the same and here there is:

lunedì 12 maggio 2014

The witch's house completed - colours

I am back again, after a long long time. I am sorry, but I working on some projects (and hoping they will be realized) so I have not much free time.
Anyway, finally, here there is the final step of the wich's house.
I decided to use bright colours that could give a sort of autumn look to the pricture and pastel colours for the house.
Hope you enjoy:


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