venerdì 30 maggio 2014


Here I go again, we were speaking about characters and here we are, let me introduce you one of the main characters of the project I'm working on at the moment. It's still at the first step, so let me keep a bit of mistery about it.
Anyway I promised to keep you informed and there we are.
This is Pierre: a clumsy inventor in a steampunk world.

Important thing: this is a team work: I made the drawing and the colour art and my collegue Sara (who is working on the script) made the ink work.

Please let me know your feedback.

6 commenti:

  1. Bellissimo come sempre , ai bene reso l'atmosfera é effetto della luce é delle ombre . Complimenti .

  2. Risposte
    1. Grazie Luca! dato il modello cui mi sono ispirata, sospettavo che ti sarebbe piaciuto ;)

  3. First thing I look at in drawings is the eyes. His were great so it was all uphill from there. ^_^ I love the drawing a lot though you wouldn't catch me dead in those striped pants ... or are they back in fashion? XD Again very nicely done. :)

    1. I am not a striped pants lover too but they are needet to give this picture a hint of steampunk ;)
      Very very happy you liked the eyes and the other stuff :D



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