venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

Lions from the North

One of my great weak spots is music, mostly the heavy metal one.

So, some time ago, I made this illustration for one of my favourite bands: Sabaton.

Here there is in two versions: basically it's the same illustration but in the second version I added a couple of filters.

I drawed it in ink and painted in digital colours and spent a whole morning looking for the right colours of the Swedish flag (yes, you can find them in wikipedia, I know it NOW), but at the end of the day I changed them a little.

If you know how Sabaton look like you should notice that my Chris is not very similar to the real one, I promise I will do better the next time, but they, nice guys, appreciated it all the same.

A big thanks here is due to Luca from modelstorming, big friend of mine and Sabaton's fan too, who helped me in finding the right fashion of Swedish army in 1600.

2 commenti:

  1. sono onorato di aver contribuito, e grazie ancora per avermi fatto conoscere il gruppo!

  2. dovremmo collaborare più spesso ;)



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