mercoledì 25 febbraio 2015

Page 27 WIP 2: pencil

Very busy period at Fedzeppelin's place. I've just the time to drop here the second part of the WIP.
As you can see, something has changed from the layout page and I can assure you: it always happens.
Hope you enjoy.

venerdì 13 febbraio 2015

Page 27 WIP: layout

Here I go again, after a very long time.
I'm sorry but it took a while to recover and I've got a bit of flu still. Anyway here I am back to work and to this blog. I'll update you all about what happened in France, as soon as I have some proper news to share, in the meanwhile I'm back to the steampunk project. I've to draw a couple of pages, so I thought it would be nice to show the whole creative process.
Are you ready?
Very well: here there is Page 27 Layout.

The layout is the first step a drawer makes when he (or she) have to project a page.

Of course, before there is a script: a page where the author writes what will happen in every panel of the page. Sara wrote the script for me with all the datas and reccommendations and dialogues, but I'll not share it because it's in Italian (and somehow in a sort of 'code language') and it would take a long time to translate it.

Anyway here there is the layout. You can see that at this point the draw is not so accurate, somewhere not even proper, that's because it's a sort of quick sketch of the page, it's useful to see how the page will look like at the end of the work, and to decide how the areas will be filled.


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